AnyWave - Waveform Generation for Power Supplies and Amplifiers

WaveMaster + AnyWave

BOLAB WaveMaster software and the BOLAB AnyWave control unit allow the control of power supplies as  well as 4 quadrant amplifiers via the analog interfaces.

The powerful and easy to use BOLAB WaveMaster software is unique in the world. 

Without any knowledge in software development, designing ordinary and complex waveforms is very easy. A graphic waveform editor allows the generation of individual curves in no time. Also, with a tabular input all types of waveforms can be produced instantly.

BOLAB AnyWave Control Unit

The BOLAB AnyWave control unit controls all kind of power supplies as well as 4 quadrant amplifiers via the analogue interfaces. It has two analogue outputs to provide two waveforms synchronously to different power supplies / 4 quadrant amplifiers. Sampling rates of 2,8 MS/s, 16 bit and 250 kS/s, 16 bit units are available.

BOLAB’s AnyWave control unit provides a bandwidth of up to 300 kHz very easy. It’s internal memory is handled by a double buffer mode which provides endless data streams without any interruption! Waveforms of almost infinite lengths can be simulated. This provides the most advantage in comparison to any function generator solutions which are limited in their memory and speed due to their limited arbitrary function!

Large Database Library for standards

  • Command library to build-up or for integration into automated test systems such as:
    •  LabView
    • Vector CANoe (CAPL)
    • Vector via C# real time!
    • Python
    • C#
    • C++
    • ANSI C
    • etc.
  •  Simulation of imported oscilloscope signal

Import Oscilloscope / ASCII Data

The simplicity of how fast oscilloscope data signals can be imported is exceptional. Reading ASCII and TDMS data files is also possible the same way.

  • 2 Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generation
  • Live Data Aquisition
  • Graphic / Tabulator Waveform Design
  • Importing Real Waveform (e.g. from Oscilloscopes)
  • Complete Standard Waveform Libaries
  • Protocol Report with Recorded Data
  • DLL’s for Python, LabView, CANoe, etc.

WaveMaster Control via DLL's

  • Easy to use graphic waveform editor and tabular input
  • Reference waveform and data aquisition with live graphics
  • Including standard libraries for:
    •  LV124, VW80000
    • LV148, VDA 320
    • LV123, VW80000
    • GMW
    • JLR
    • etc.

Protocol Report

  • Generate your protocol report automatically
  • Including refernce waveform and measured values for voltage and current
  • One click report

Online Measurement

—— Referece Voltage as well as Voltage measurement

—— Current measurement

BOLAB AnyWave is a control unit that allows to generate analogue signals for the power supplies and 4 quadrant amplifiers as well as for recording data for both voltage and current measurements to produce these synchronous and live in parallel to the reference waveform. Data generation and data acquisition was never that easy.