The BOLAB 100-TS series are linear precision 4-quadrant power amplifier systems for fast and transient voltage signals – both positive and negative (bipolar). Current signals are possible optionally as well. Its sink cababilities allow the operation in all 4 quadrants.

Extremely high bandwidth  up to 200 kHz at full range, respectively 1 MHz in small signal range with rising and falling time up to 100 V/µs at highest power characterizes this series.

Electrical tests out of normative standards such as LV 124, LV 148, VDA 320, ISO 7637-2, ISO 16750 as well as OEM standards VW 80000, BMW GS 95024, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR EMC CS), General Motors GMW3172 can be performed. Through its open system architecture, individual and upcoming tests easily can be implemented through users.

Modular in power extension – Flexible in Test extension!


BOLAB´s powerful and easy to use WaveMaster software is unique in worlds market. Never it was so easy to generate  ordinary and complex waveforms without programming skills.

A graphical waveform editor allows to generate individual curves in a flash. Also with a tabular input all kinds of waveforms can be produced immediately.

The simplicity how fast to import data out of oscilloscopes is amazing. Read in ASCII data files is possible in the same way.

While executing a test, in parallel data acquisition is done and displayed live. Reference waveform and measured voltage / current values are displayed online. Immediately the tolerance band with its accuracy levels show violation of normative tolerance allowences.

Can you imagine how easy protocol reports are generated automatically?



  • Modular hardware architecture
  • Starting with one single unit of e.g. 1 kW
  • Extension up to 18 kW in parallel
  • Systems from 20 A up to 684 A DC, 1.500 A peak
  • Service friendly through its modularity
  • Extendable at any time out of modular system design
  • Add modules from other systems
  • Rent additional modules temporarily


While performing tests, in parallel both voltage and current are measured synchronously and displayed live to the reference waveform. On top of this, a tolerance band immediately shows violations of accuracy requirements out of the standards. Further analog inputs allow to measure and display additonal parameters of voltage and current, CAN signals, pressure, etc. The result: perfect and easy generated protocol reports with real measured data.

Ask for a presentation – amazement is guaranteed!


BOLAB´s WaveMaster software includes DLLs for almost all programming and automation solutions. Automated test systems are set up in the shortest possible time. For the functionalities of WaveMaster, a DLL command is available.

Don´t take care of complexity of waveforms, measurements of huge data, instrument characteristics, handshake, protocol reports, physical connections such as USB, LAN, COM, etc.

Python, LabView, Vector CANoe (CAPL), C#, C++, ANSI C, Matlab, …


What customers say:

Within 2 hours of receiving DLL’s we had a test system created. Once we verified proper integration and functionality, it only took us about half a day to integrate the new hardware/software functions into our automated test platform.


  • Generate your protocol report automatically 
  • Including reference waveform and measured values for voltage and current
  • One click report


  • Extensive waveform libraries
  • Easy and individual waveform design
  • Unliimited waveform size and complexity
  •  Import oscilloscope and other real signals
  • Data acquisition live – replaces oscilloscopes in most cases
  •  Data acquistion for long waveforms with high sampling rate
  •  Protocol report with real data
  • DLLs for Python, LabView, Vector CANoe (CAPL), C++, C#, etc.
  • Several synchronous waveforms
  • Breakpoints inside a waveform for reading out values, set digital I/O, start/stop at breakpoint, etc.