WaveMaster Software

The BOLAB WaveMaster Software is an advanced solution for controlling and analyzing electrical test systems. With a user-friendly interface, it enables precise configuration and control of tests, waveform analysis, and monitoring the functionality of electronic modules.

Its modular approach and regular updates provide flexibility, scalability, and adaptability for diverse testing applications. This software is an indispensable tool for engineers requiring highly accurate electrical measurements.



The WaveMaster software is a powerful and user-friendly solution that sets itself apart in the global market. It offers a unique combination of simplicity and versatility, making it easy for users without any software development expertise to construct both basic and intricate waveforms.

With its intuitive graphical waveform editor, creating custom curves is a breeze. Additionally, users can quickly generate various waveform types using a tabular input.

One of the most impressive features is the seamless integration with oscilloscopes, enabling effortless import of data. Whether it's reading ASCII data files or capturing real-time measurements, the process is remarkably straightforward.



The WaveMaster software provides comprehensive control over 4-quadrant amplifiers, offering access to all their functionalities. With its user-friendly interface and USB connectivity, it allows for effortless configuration of various settings, including short time current on/off, output on/off, and operating voltage range. This seamless integration enables efficient control of the instruments, providing users with a convenient and powerful solution for their applications.



The WaveMaster software supports a hardware trigger input, allowing for the monitoring of a TTL input signal specifically on its rising edge. This feature is particularly useful for synchronous waveform simulation, measurement, and testing tasks. With the ability to synchronize and coordinate various signals, the software is well-suited for a range of applications that require precise timing and synchronization for accurate results.

Including standards libraries for

LV124, VW 80000 LV148, VDA320 LV123, VW80300, GMW, JLR, etc.


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