Testsystems for 12 V Electrical Systems

Testsystems for 12 V Electrical Systems


The 100-TS series are linear precision 4-quadrant power amplifiers for fast voltage
and current signals – each positive and negative (bipolar).

They also work as sink in applications to absorb power. Extremely high bandwidth at
highest power requirements, necessary for fast signals, characterizes this series.

Especially these amplifiers are characterized by their signal quality.


The powerful and easy to use WaveMaster software is unique in world market. Without any knowledge in software development, construction of ordinary and complex waveforms is dead easy.

A graphical waveform editor allows to generate individual curves in a flash. Also with a tabular input all kinds of waveforms can be produced immediately.

The simplicity how fast to import data out of oscilloscopes is amazing. Read in ASCII data files is possible in the same way.

Product details


LV 124

LV 148

VDA 320

BMW GS 95026

BMW GS 95026

Mercedes MBN LV 124-1

Mercedes MBN LV 148

Volkswagen VW 80000





Modular Design
  • Modular hardware architecture
  • Starting with one single unit of e.g. 1 kW
  • Extension up to 18 kW in parallel
  • Building up 3-phase systems with up to 6 kW per phase
  • Serial connection for increasing voltage
  • In case of a defective module, only this module needs to be repaired
  • Each module has its own indication for functional capability

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With the WaveMaster remote DLL´s, available for nearly all programming languages, with its command library, users control the 4-quadrant amplifiers in an absolute perfection. There is no need to handle hardware interfaces such as USBor LAN.

One command for each function handles all interfaces. Data files are sent to the instrument within milliseconds. No need to concern about memory space and resolution of the amplifiers. 

A simple “load” command calculates the best resolution of the waveform that is possible and sends data to the arbitrary unit. In every DLL (LabViewTM, Vector CANoe, C#, C++, ANSI C, Python, etc.), commands are identical. This makes switching between programming languages convenient. Commands for creating waveforms out of user programming surroundings are included as well. Variable waveforms for simulation of increasing ramps in time, variation of frequency and many other applications are typical test scenarios.

Protocol report
  • Generate your protocol report automatically 
  • Including refernce waveform and measured values for voltage and current
  • One click report

System Overview

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