BOLAB´s new and world´s unique solutions in testing High Voltage profiles for Electric Vehicles are very powerful, flexible and modular.

Three different solutions for high speed testing, a medium range for covering most profiles and a low budget. Powerful solutions for starting and gaining experience are available.

The powerful and easy to use WaveMaster software is unique in world market. Without any knowledge in software development, construction of ordinary and complex waveforms is dead easy.

A graphical waveform editor allows to generate individual curves in a flash. Also with a tabular input all kinds of waveforms can be produced immediately.



  • Modular hardware architecture
  • Starting with one single unit of e.g. 1 kW
  • Extension up to 18 kW in parallel
  • Building up 3-phase systems with up to 6 kW per phase
  • Serial connection for increasing voltage
  • In case of a defective module, only this module needs to be repaired
  • Each module has its own indication for functional capability


An unmatched and exceptional feature is the flexibility of BOLAB´s systems.

The medium and high end systems can be used equally for all kind of standards, such as LV 124, VW80000, LV 148, VDA 320 in same way as OEM standards.

For example, BOLAB’s systems are designed to test DC/DC converters on both sides of low- and high voltage applications.


Wide ranges of power requirements are covered by the BOLAB systems.

15 kW to 200 kW Systems with voltages up to 1.000 V and currents from 15 A to more than 400 A are available.


There is no other complete high end mobile test solution for Electric Vehicles for VW80000 with 15 kW (1.000 V / 15 A) in a small 19” rack with 10 U height on the market

BOLAB systems also cover voltage profiles for LV 124 / LV 148 / VW80000 / VDA 320 and OEM standards up to 40A!

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